Bank loan software

Finsurfer helps with own expertise in automation of the entire life cycle of a bank loan system. Our solution allows financial companies to conduct the whole lending process digitally, we offers end-to-end loan management software in syndicated, commercial, consumer, and mortgage lending based on CRM.
The solution and its modules are fully cloud-based and available 24/7 for consumers who submit applications by web or mobile applications. Our system has strong integration capabilities to third party systems through APIs, web-services or XML interfaces.

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Bank loan software

24/7 processing of consumer loan applications

AI credit scoring

Fast and easy integration with all IT systems of bank

Cloud-based solution

Highly automated and flexible

This is just a sample of the features of our software platform. Get in touch with us to find out all the software configurations.

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Why choose Finsurfer?

Founded in 2016, our company has successful experience in developing software for banks, money transfer systems, microfinance organizations and P2p platforms. In the course of our work, a huge knowledge base and competence has been collected for the implementation of complex, non-standard and innovative tasks in the Fintech sphere. We regularly share these practical insights and abilities with our clients and partners who are seeking advice in software solutions.

Experienced team

Our specialists have extensive experience and expertise in integrating of new technologies and solutions for companies in the financial sector (banks, MFI, p2p lending, micro leasing companies, financial aggregators and others)


Our agile approach delivers speed solutions, while reducing implementation costs. As a fully automated 'off the shelf' solution, it is quick to implement with a three month time-to-market. Built on integration-ready open API technology, our user-friendly platform is flexible and scalable as your business grows and proven in live environments.

No risk in use

An automated consumer lending process reduces operational risk and provides compliance with legal infrastructure. Our development experts ensure your software complies with fair lending standards and guarantees data privacy protection.

Cost savings

There are no any “licence fee”, and no per-user charges or penalties for growth. Finsurfer is highly automated system so you save on running while reducing implementation costs.

Our clients and partners

The most important value for us .... is partnership

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