Consumer Lending

Our product has a simple and clear user interface and work with different business models. Finsurfer can handle underwriting, origination, disbursement, servicing, reporting and statistical analysis. We also support various loan types including personal, business, student, mortgage, car, installment, payday and cash advance.
Automated processes manage large volumes of small transactions with many potential variables. This level of automation ensures legal compliance, cuts operational costs and delivers scalability.

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Loan Origination

Сreation of a website and a personal account for a borrower, multi-channel loan application, loan calculators, quotations, developed KYC, loan and AML checks, scoring systems with the ability to upload photos and scanned documents.

Loan Administration

Based on CRM module is completely automated, taking care of credit processing from first payment to final accounting. Loan status updates are available in real time with events notifications and transactions.

Loan Servicing

Collection and distribution of monthly payments, managing of late or missed payments, cooperation with third-party collection agencies.

Powerful Analytics

Reporting, BI and consolidated reports allows you to quickly compare and analyze data.


Our solutions comply with domestic, international and infrastructural legal requirements such as GDPR and IFRS.


With services and apps (Analytics and BI solutions, accounting systems, card processing, payment services, telecommunication service providers and scoring solutions)

This is just a sample of the features of our software platform. Get in touch with us to find out all the software configurations.

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Why choose Finsurfer?

Established in 2016, our company has vast experience in the sphere of banking software development for money transfer systems, microfinance organizations, banks and P2P platforms. We have collected a huge knowledge base to implement complex, non-standard and innovative tasks in the Fintech sphere. We regularly share these practical insights and abilities with our clients and partners who are looking for advice in software solutions.

Experienced team

Our specialists have extensive experience and expertise in the integration of new technologies and solutions for companies working in the financial sector (banks, MFI, p2p lending, micro leasing companies, financial aggregators and others).


Our special approach provides fast but reasonable in terms of prize solutions. Being a fully automated 'off the shelf' product, it is quickly implemented. The time-to-market equals only three month. Based in integration-ready open API technology, our user-friendly platform is flexible and scalable as your business, and it proved its efficiency in live environment.

No risk in use

An automated consumer lending process reduces operational risk and provides compliance with legal infrastructure. Our development experts ensure compliance of your software with fair lending standards and guarantees data privacy protection.

Cost savings

There are no any “licence fee”, and no per-user charges or penalties for growth. Finsurfer is highly automated system so you save on running while reducing implementation costs.

Our clients and partners

The most important value for us .... is partnership

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